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Fancy Dresses, Etiquette, and Monsters-ch2
Fifth period was music, my best and favorite subject. Mr. Davis, the teacher was a portly old Jazz Musician with skin the color of cocoa and eyes to match, with a personality like no other and who played music like no other. He encouraged me and was one of the only two people who I knew really believed in me. I was his best student.
My fascination and achievements in the musical field began when I was just four and my Step-Mother had taken the twins and I to a festival and she had lost me in a crowd (personal I'm not sure if it was unintentional) and I had wandered around for about a half an hour or so and eventually found myself at one of the stages for the festival where a band was playing music by the Beatles and I, being utterly transfixed by the music and without knowing where my Step-Mother was just stayed. I sat in one of the plastic chairs set up in rows and sat there, listening to the music and watching the musicians play until finally the event was done for the day and a poli
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Fancy Dresses, Etiquette, and Monsters Ch1
7 days ago.
"I'm coming!"
I ran down the stairs while finishing buttoning my jacket and worrying all the while of my future.
My name is Nerella Inda, after my mother's untimely death when I was only the tender age of 3. My father left my mother before I was born and I've never met him. After my mom died I was shipped off to my Aunt Stacy's house and since then have been living a sort of Cinderella story, except Cinderella is kick-butt, doesn't need a Prince Charming, and has some serious musical and poetic skills.
A shot into the kitchen narrowly avoiding a collision with my cousin Amaya and trip falling onto the sofa.
"Oh my go-osh I can believe that just happened" said Amaya.
"I know ri-ight" said my other cousin Amila, twin of Amaya.
They were both clad in short plaid skirts, white shirts, striped ties, knee socks and jackets of the private school that we attend. They're identical with waist length strait blond hair, unemotional faces, and perfectly manicured nails. They'
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Fancy Dresses, Etiquette, and Monsters-preview
As I walked, the sound of my converse clip-clopping on the checkerboard black and white marble polished floors, and my eyes scanning the immense and lavishly decorated entrance hall, I though of the events of the past seven days that had all lead up to this very moment starting from waking in my bed without a care in the world.
Now as I am lead by the butler clad in a suit and speaking with a British accent feeling completely out of place in the modern day palace I hope that the events that will follow this moment will be good ones and I will not regret the choices that I have made and the people I have met in the adventure of sorts.
I'm guessing that you the watcher, reader, and viewer of this story are wondering "what are the events that lead up to this?" well read on and you'll see.
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D.P. new Character Sheet
CertifiedJesusFreak's Ultimate Character Sheet
Time Started: 6:48 PM 7/22/2012
Time Finished: 8:53 PM 7/23/2012
Revision Dates: 7/23/2012
Universe: Percy Jackson, Sidus Academy
The Basics
Name: Danielle-Paige "D.P." Mye
Title: Daughter of Athena
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birth date: 12/6/1996
Current Residence: Athena Cabin, Camp Half-Blood, Long Island
Physical Description: Average Height, Pale Skin, Demigod, Freckles, Average Weight, Glasses, Wide Eyes
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Blonde
Hairstyle: Shoulder-length sometimes in a ponytail
Hair type: Thin, Wavy and not greasy
Hair condition: Clean, frizzy, and not greasy
Usual Outfit: Cargo Pants, Sandals, Camp Half-Blood T
Normal Accessories: Magnetic Clasp Watch (that holds Nectar and Ambrosia, and a Camp Half-Bllod necklace with an extra bead that turns into a sword (a gift from Athena)
Wardrobe: 1. Casual Clothes: Cargo Pants, sandals/sneakers, and loose t-shirts (normal accessories)
2. Battle Armor: Norma
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Percy Jackson acrostic poems 1 (unfinished)
        Main Character's first introduced in the Percy Jackson series:
Poseidon's son
Enrages monsters
Riptide is his sword
Controls water
Yelled "eat my shorts!" when fighting a fury
Jason switched places with him
Annabeth's boyfriend
Can sword fight
Knows how to fight
Swam in the river styx
Octavian's enemy
Nautical genius
Athena's daughter
No demigod has been at camp half-blood longer than her
Never gives up
Architect of olympus
Endured the weight of the sky
Terrified of spiders
Has a grey streak in her hair
Can fight with a knife
Has 9 camp beads
Amazingly smart
Seven years old was her age when she ran away from home
Enraged kronos by trying (and succeeding) to talk to luke
Greek satyr
On the council of cloven elders
Very much is part of nature
Eats apples
Revealed himself as a satyr to Percy
Understands animals
New greek lord of the wild
Despises pollution
Eats tin cans
Rode the emrithian boor
Went on quests
Once he word a
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D.P. #Sidus-Academy Activity Check by annabethdp D.P. #Sidus-Academy Activity Check :iconannabethdp:annabethdp 1 3

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HOUSE OF HADES COVER!!!!! (btw still in a contest)
I think...
I just...
Freakin Percy... and Annabeth... and Tartarus... and ghosts grabbing at them... and demon thingies... and Percy looking back... looking scared... and lava and hellfire... and death cliffs... and ripped clothes (togas?)... and the FREAKIN DOORS OF DEATH!!!!
Also don't forget we're still in a contest. :heart:
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Trade: Unlikely Friends
Leo stared hard at the sphere. He rolled it around the table. He turned it upside down, examining it from all angles. Finally, he entered the numbers that unlocked it, the ones Nemesis had given him.
  As he punched the numbers in, slowly, one at a time, he didn’t think about how this simple combination had cost them Percy and Annabeth. He didn’t think about how they’d sacrificed themselves for a device he had absolutely no clue how to operate. Nope, it didn’t cross his mind.
  He watched sullenly as the Archimedes sphere whirred to life, little robotic arms extending and contracting, tiny lights blinking on and off underneath the bronze surface. It grew warm in his hands. Somewhere in this orb was the secret to saving Percy and Annabeth, to upgrading the Argo II and getting what was left of the Seven to Epirus. Hopefully, it could help them defeat Gaea.
  If only Leo could figure out how to work it.
  “How can you help me?” he mu
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Something You Can't Hold A Candle To
The celebration after winning the battle was marvelous. New Rome shown in all her glory for their brave new visitors, and half-bloods danced and spoke together in easy harmony. Both camps were tired of fighting, so the tension could finally be ignored just enough to get along, for tonight. The town square was a small dance floor for so many, but couples twirled together, not caring just enough for this one night.
Lanterns were strung across the square in a haphazard fashion that indicated the rush of the preparations. There were still some blood stains in some of the alleys and even the quieter streets. There were signs of death everywhere, but such had been the last years, so demigods had learned to ignore them.
Percy and Annabeth quietly walked together down main street. Most people were at the party, so they didn’t run into anyone. The full moon seemed to throw questioning glances down on them.
“So what do we do now?” Percy glanced over at Annabeth to see if she he
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Long Way Down - Complete Comic - Mark of Athena by LauraHollingsworth Long Way Down - Complete Comic - Mark of Athena :iconlaurahollingsworth:LauraHollingsworth 2,166 491 Blanket Fort Party by cookiekhaleesi Blanket Fort Party :iconcookiekhaleesi:cookiekhaleesi 985 93 Doctors 9 10 11 by bbandittt Doctors 9 10 11 :iconbbandittt:bbandittt 766 60


Okay I am seriously sorry for not writing a journal for nearly a year and not submitting anything for far too long.

Due to that this journal is ridiculously long and full of me ranting (with reasoning) on the Sea of Monsters movie.

Enjoy :D

But continuing on there are several things that at this point, two days after the release of the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters (movie) that must be stated or asked.

(Also the opinions expressed in this article are not meant to offend anyone. And if you were totally like "OMG this is the greatest movie ever and totally didn't make me have a fangirl(or guy) moment in which I felt that some giant superior being was giving me the finger" then you probably won't like my movie review and should just skip to be wishes/hopes/speculations for the upcoming House of Hades and beyond.)

Now to begin the long and not-so-difficult task of saying (possibly in question form) what I disliked about this film.

The first of the long list of criticisms definitely has to be "who wrote the script?" because as a starting point I believe that many of the lines were poorly written and a huge number of things were changed from the original book.

Here's a list of things the were obviously changed:

    1. Annabeth was a dumb blonde.

    2. The great prophecy was revealed. (three books early!!!)

    3. The great prophecy's wording/meaning was altered. 16 years is now somehow 20 and some stuff beyond that most obvious bit.

    4. Chris Rodriguez, Silena Beauregaurd, and Ethen Nakamura were all revealed to be traitors, several books early.

    5. There were no chariot races.

    6. No mythological birds attacked.

    7. Annabeth seemed way too attracted to Percy for book 2.

    8. Nothing with the Sirens whatsoever.

    9. Circe's island was completely messed up. (This current setup leads for Reyna's backstory to be completely destroyed).

    10. Tyson doesn't die and then come back.

    11. Annabeth doesn't die and come back.

    12. Kronos does not fully form (even for a moment) at any time in any of the five books. And after Kronos eating Luke how do they expect Luke to still be loyal to him?

    13. The whole "if you haven't had nectar, you haven't lived" bit.

    14. What happened to the laestrygonian giants and the dodgeball bit and Tyson not being from Percy's school and such.

    15. Two bulls not one.

    16. Isn't Chiron supposed to be suspencted of poisoning the tree and later take Percy and Annabeth back to Camp Half-Blood after some stuff with the Party Ponies?

    17. Grover wants to go on a quest for the golden fleece.

    18. No Percy the guinea pig. Why?

    19. No Hydra scene.

    20. Percy doesn't keep saying "I know this sounds crazy but...".

    21. Not a single person was wearing a Camp Half-Blood shirt.

    (I'm going to stop here because this list continue for a very long time)

Now I'm not blaming this all on the writers. This film was produced by Disney and therefore Disney and the director also deserve some of the credit for what happened to this movie.

My second point beyond all the script changes and things that were blatantly out there and such is the acting and the casting.

In my personal opinion only two characters were well acted. They were Luke (Jake Abel) and Mr. D (Stanley Tucci).

Everything else was either not great, below average, or utterly and totally horrible.

I'm also going to blame a bit more than just the actors for this one. The casting directors had so problems too. (Here's a list of people who I think were just plain the wrong people to cast, who could have even been helped by a better script). (I'm not going to give explanations for these because I think most, if not all are self explanatory.)

    1. Annabeth (Alexandria Deddario)

    2. Clarisse (Leven Rambin, aka Glimmer)

    (this is where I stop because these were just such bad picks.)

And of course I know that not all of this was the casting directors fault, the actual director and Disney probably had something to do with it as well.

Now I'm going to talk about what I DID like:

The CGI (special effects, computer generated images) were fantastic or at least above average.

(that's it)


Alright-y then, on to what I hope for the Titan's Curse movie (to start) is:

    1. Good casting for Nico and such.

    2. A good script.

    3. And some Camp Half-Blood t-shirts for the love of the gods.


Also seeing as the date in which this was written is officially one day after the two months to House of Hades mark, and everything before this has been lists and hopes and ranting here are my speculation's and such for House of Hades.

Speculations and Their Reasoning:

    1. Either Percy, Annabeth, or both will have a POV because if they didn't, how would we understand their experience in Tartarus that was promised to us when Rick ended MoA in a massive cliffhanger that left millions of fans wishing to show up at his door with a pitchfork and torch (or celestial bronze/celestial gold sharp weapon and flashlight if you're really getting into the spirit.)

    2. Nico's might get a POV. The reasoning for this is just that this book is entitled "the House of Hades" and he is, in fact the son of Hades and if you put two and two together the logic works.

    3. A possible cliffhanger at the end of this may be Gaea waking up or something of the like due to the fact that at least one more book beyond House of Hades has to be written to finish the sequence.

    4. Another possible POV could in fact be Reyna herself. In MoA the Romans were advancing to Camp Half-Blood with the intent of possibly destroying it. Also the reason why Reyna would have a POV and not Octavian would be that she connects far more to the seven and Octavian doesn't at all (unless you cling to some feeling like "maybe he's not as bad as he seems" or him maybe meeting Rachel and that turning into a slightly more popular ship)

    5. Another possible cliffhanger is something to do with the imminent battle of Greek demigods vs. Roman demigods at CHB. (Reasoning already explained in 4).

   (6. The gut feeling thing where you just have that feeling that somehow, some character you absolutely adore and think "no he couldn't kill them off" may get killed off. Reasoning: The Hunger Games: Finnick and Prim; Harry Potter: Fred Weasley, Sirius, Tonks, Lupin, etc.)


    1. Tratie (no more need be typed).

    2. More old characters returning.

    3. Something romanc-y for Dakota (that guy who's addicted to Kool-Aid).

    4. Something nice and happy for Nico.

    5. Leyna even though it's impossible to be written into this book because at this point they barely know each other.

    6. No cliffhanger!!!


Well that's pretty much it.

I feel like updating my gallery a bit so if you have any suggestions for pencil sketches and such please comment.

Bye for now :D
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